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Non-Apology: Lee Steele's new team, Nantwich Town FC, excuses Steele for anti-gay tweet

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After being released by his former team for sending a homophobic tweet directed at Gareth Thomas, rugger Lee Steele has been quickly snatched up by Nantwich Town FC. The team wasted no time excusing Steele for his anti-gay tweet:

Lee,38, was released by Oxford City this week due to comments on a social media site, these were made tongue in cheek at the time and Lee would like to apologise for this and any offence that this has caused and would also like to stress that he is not homophobic in any way.

Dabbers Boss Jimmy Quinn said, “I am pleased to have been able to bring Lee into the squad. He is an experienced proven striker that holds the ball up and can make a difference to us and hopefully we will be in a position to strengthen the squad further over the next couple of weeks.”

Let's be super clear: This is the posterchild for the non-apology. There's no quote from Steele, just a statement from the team referring to the fact that Steele "would like" to apologize.

I didn't want the guy to lose his job, but in the world of non-apologies, this gets the gold medal.