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Star Wars Volkswagen Super Bowl teaser is something to howl about

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Thanks to Towleroad for tracking down this fantastic Super Bowl commercial teaser (video after the jump). Yes, the Super Bowl has gotten so big that the commercials have teaser trailers. Insane.

As a long-time Star Wars fan, this one certainly has me excited. A dozen dogs of all shapes and sizes bark the Imperial March from Star Wars. What makes it even cooler is that each dog represents a different character from the beloved Star Wars trilogy (not the mostly crappy trilogy). There's the bulldog representing the Storm troopers, the terrier as Chewbacca, a pug for R2-D2. If I had to cast Luke Skywalker, I'd use a vizsla too. The Ewok actually looks like an Ewok, and the AT-AT whippet is brilliant!

I just can't figure out who the chihuahua is. A Jawa? Obi-Wan Kenobi? Whomever it is, I can't wait for this Super Bowl commercial! Teaser video...mission accomplished.