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Anton Hysen says he will play in Major League Soccer at some point

Openly gay Swedish pro soccer player Anton Hysen talked with Gay4soccer recently and had a bold prediction: Not only does he very much want to play professional soccer in the United States, he will at some point:

Noting “I like everywhere; it’s still America,” where he plays isn’t much of an issue, he just wants to play professionally in one of the great cities in a country where he has come to enjoy his time. To him living and playing in America “would be an amazing feeling,” a feeling he’s had since his time in North Carolina. ...

“I hope that I will get one day over there where I can play in MLS. That would be awesome. It’s going to be one day, I promise you. One day I will be over there.”

Hysen also talked to the blog about his trouble finding a boyfriend. To see exactly what he's looking for, check out Gay4soccer's article.