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Gareth Thomas in UK's Celebrity 'Big Brother'

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Out former rugby pro Gareth Thomas is co-starring in Britain's latest installation of Big Brother, this time with a bunch of "celebrities." The threw down the gauntlet in last night's episode, according to The Mirror:

He told Brian that he will "be myself and prove my family proud." The Welshman said he was "happy to be here" although it sounds like he's already out to win, telling the host "I am competative at everything I do".

Gareth added that he has a short fuse and said that "If the housemates deserve my Welsh temper, they’ll get it".

I didn't recognize any of the other "celebrities" listed as contestants with Thomas. Though, I think most people struggle to recognize a lot of the "celebrities" in these C-list TV series.

Good luck to Thomas! We'd love to see him win something where he doesn't have to break his teeth to do it!