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Jesus answers Tim Tebow's prayers. Broncos now face old coach Josh McDaniels

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The Denver Broncos beat an injury-depleted Pittsburgh Steelers team Sunday night, forcing the rest of the country to suffer through another week of watching and listening to Tim Tebow pray.

The game unfolded in the only way the Broncos can win with Tebow at quarterback. The Steelers drove the ball in the first quarter but came away with only 6 points. Turnovers and a couple broken plays built a lead for the Broncos. When the offense gave up the ball late, the defense got a huge stop and set up overtime...that resulted in the longest overtime pass in NFL history to end a game.

Amazing how Tebow threw his team's passes, caught the passes, ran the ball, forced interceptions by the Steelers and recorded a couple sacks on Big Ben. That guy is everywhere, thanks to Jesus Christ.

At his press conference Tebow thanked his "Lord and savior" at least three times; And I only listened to about four minutes of it.

Next up the Broncos take on the New England Patriots. When the two teams met in week 15, the Patriots dominated the second half and cruised to a 41-28 victory.

A new addition to the Patriots since that meeting is offensive assistant Josh McDaniels...who drafted Tebow for the Broncos in 2010. Former Broncos QB Kyle Orton already took down the Broncos in Week 17 when he led the Kansas City Chiefs over the Broncos. We'll see what Bill Belichick comes up with after some debrief with McDaniels about the Broncos' praying mantis.