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Paul Tagliabue and wife donated $1 million for Georgetown LGBT Center

Wow, we totally whiffed on this one. Last October, former NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue and his wife donated $1 million to Paul's alma mater, Georgetown University, to establish the Tagliabue Initiative for LGBT Life: Fostering Formation and Transformation. According to the Washington Blade, Tagliabue said this in a statement at the time of the donation:

The Center is inspired by Catholic and Jesuit principles of respect for the dignity of all and education of the whole person, and we are very pleased to support its services that provide a safe, inclusive and respectful environment for LGBTQ students and promote their acceptance in the entire campus community.

Drew Tagliabue, their son, is openly gay and works with PFLAG in New York. Paul has a strong history of supporting gay rights.

Hat tip to John S.