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Update on outed lesbian softball player Skye Wyatt's lawsuit

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Pat Griffin has a full rundown of the latest from the Sky Wyatt lawsuit. Watt alleges that her high school softball coach in Kilgore, Texas, outed her to her mother, violating her right to privacy. From Griffin's blog:

The lawsuit claims that the coaches:

1. Called Skye to a fake team meeting
2. Locked Skye in the locker room alone with the coaches
3. Berated Skye about being a lesbian and accused her of spreading gossip about one of the coaches being lesbian
4. Called Skye’s mother to the school and outed Skye to her mother
5. Kicked Skye off the softball team

The School district is mounting a full defense of the coaches’ actions claiming that they followed school policy by outing Skye.

Get the full story from Griffin at her blog.