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Puck Buddys interview with a gay high school hockey player

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Our friends over at Puck Buddys, the terrific website for gay hockey fans, are publishing the first part of an interview with Zach, a gay high school hockey player.

Zach is a gay hockey player. He’s been skating since he was a kid and moved up through the ranks from his area’s youth hockey leagues to where he is now, playing D for a perennial powerhouse high school team in the upper Midwest – a program that is no stranger to the playoffs and championships.

Zach is not publicly out, but Craig from Puck Buddys sent me a long email detailing how they confirmed his identity. And there is a chance Zach will be more out as his season progresses.

I like these kinds of features, but I found Part 1 lacking. It is all about Zach's hockey routine and what hockey means to him. Those are worthy topics, but I wanted to hear about how Zach's sexual orientation and how it intersects with his sport, his team and his life. They are promising this in future installments, but this should have been in Part 1 since his being gay is what separates Zach from most of his peers and why Puck Buddys would be interested in his story in the first place.