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Buy a Chris Kluwe "Lustful Cockmonster" or "Sparklepony" T-shirt to support marriage

Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe is hoping to turn two of his unique phrases into money to help fight a Minnesota ballot amendment that would outlaw same-sex marriage. Kluwe is selling shirts that play off two articles he wrote ripping an anti-gay marriage politician.

In one, he said gay marriage won't "magically turn you into a lustful cockmonster." In the PG-version, he used the phrase "beautifully unique sparklepony" to sub for another insult. You can now buy T-shirts that read "Lustful Cockmonster" or "Sparklepony."

The shirts cost $20 each and proceeds will go to Minnesotans For Equality and Chris Kluwe’s charity, Kick For Kids, benefiting muscular dystrophy, said Brad Michael of Minnesotans for Equality. The shirts appear to be selling fast and there is already a two-week back order. You can order here.

Kluwe has been awesome on this issue and these shirts are a continuation of that.