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Miami (Ohio) hockey releases You Can Play video

Brendan Burke's old team reaffirms their commitment to equality on the ice

The You Can Play project, inspired by the death of gay Miami (Ohio) hockey manager Brendan Burke, launched about six months ago. While the hockey team, coached by Enrico Blasi, had embraced Brendan completely, it was curious that they hadn't put out a You Can Play video. Now we know why: They wanted to do it right. Mission accomplished. This weekend they released an beautifully produced video with stirring music and sincere testimonials that went beyond simply saying "You Can Play," but also honored the life of the man they lost too soon in a tragic accident.

To me, the production value of the piece is part of the message. It shows a deep commitment to the project created by Brendan's brother, Patrick. Given that many of the current players on the team never met Brendan, it also reflects the passion with which the team has embraced Brendan's legacy. I remember asking one of the players about that very thing a couple years ago -- How do you make sure the team doesn't forget what happened with Brendan long after his former teammates are gone? Looks like they figured it out.