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Gay Games celebrate 30th anniversary this weekend in Los Angeles

Los Angeles swimmers at Gay Games I (via FGG)

The Federation of Gay Games celebrates its 30th anniversary this weekend in Los Angeles. The first Gay Games took place in San Francisco, Aug. 28 - Sept. 2, 1982. The celebration takes place Saturday and Sunday around West Hollywood and Los Angeles, including book readings of The Frontrunner and The David Kopay Story, a presentation of Fearless, wrestling matches, Big Gay Frisbee, and a celebration lunch at the House of Blues.

One of the attendees will be Gene Dermody, one of the very few people who has attended all of the Gay Games. He won a bronze medal in wrestling in 1982. Also speaking will be Sara Waddell Lewinstein, the former wife of Gay Games founder Tom Waddell and the first Games' sports director.

I'll be attending several events, including the brunch on Sunday where Outsports will be receiving a very special award from the FGG. Hope to see you there!