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Former NFL player Kris Jenkins engages in strange rant on gay NFL players

Former Carolina Panthers and New York Jets nose tackle Kris Jenkins joined Boomer Esiason and Craig Carton on their CBS Radio show, Boomer & Carton, this morning. Jenkins shared his thoughts on what's wrong with the Jets, among other NFL-related topics. But when conversation turned to the NFL's Breast Cancer Awareness month, and all of the players wearing pink, Jenkins got irritated.

Jenkins jumps from wearing pink right into saying a gay NFL player should come out. And then his frustration with "hetero sapiens" having to be sensitive to other people. And then how certain gay men don't act right, even though he likes "some" gay men. And then...well, read the exchange for yourself:

Kris Jenkins: You want to know where my frustration comes from?

Craig Carton: Bring it, yes.

Jenkins: Somebody needs to just go ahead and come out of the closet in the NFL. I said it!

Boomer Esiason: There you go.

Craig Carton: You’re frustrated by that.

Jenkins: Man look. We got a month of breast cancer. Look, we all support breast cancer and we love it. But a whole month of pink? This is a gladiator sport. Like, really? Like, we gotta do all of this stuff? Can the hetero sapiens have one place where we can congregate where we don’t have to be nervous about saying the wrong thing and upsetting people and doing all of that?

Boomer: That’s a good thing though.

Jenkins: I've been around everybody in this world. I think gay people are cool as I don’t know what. I mean, I think some of them are cool. I think some of them, just like everybody else in the world, they take things overboard, and they give, you know, the gays that are taking care of their business and doing things the right way a bad name. But that’s just the same way with football and everything else. But the thing is is that, if this is a country that is, through football, I’m not going into politics…

(Indiscernible as all three talk over one another)

Jenkins: If this is a country that is operating through football, and it’s the number one sport, then why is it that it can’t be embraced all across the world? Because my thing is like this. If you’re gay or straight when you step on the football field you should be able to get your butt kicked like everybody else. If you’re gonna step out there then do it.

Carton: Listen, you’re right. Clearly there are gay football players and so what?

Jenkins: Right.

Carton: If you can play football you can play football.

Boomer: Yeah, but don’t be…

Jenkins: When I was in the locker room, that’s what was so hard about it. The homophobia in the locker room, “Oh well if somebody was gay then I’d be upset.” No you wouldn't. Sit down.

Boomer: They wouldn't even know it, so don’t even worry about it.

Carton: Ladies and gentlemen, Kris Jenkins has a platform.

Jenkins then went off on how wearing pink makes you less of a gladiator.

It is a bizarre, confused rant. He likes gay people, but he thinks some act wrong. He wants a gay NFL player, but he also wants the NFL to be a place where "hetero sapiens" can just be...well...assholes.

I Tweeted an interview request to Jenkins that hasn't been returned.

Listen to the entire interview here.