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Nepal hosts South Asia's first-ever gay sports tournament

Nepal hosted South Asia's first-ever gay sports tournament last weekend at Dasharath Rangashala Stadium, the nation's largest sports venue. Over 300 athletes from across Asia -- and around the world -- participated in track & field, basketball, badminton, volleyball, soccer and karate. Out former Olympic diver Greg Louganis was the guest of honor at the event.

The event was the brainchild of Sunil Pant, a member of the Nepalese parliament and director of the country's Blue Diamond Society.

"We are very proud of the event that went went so well," Pant told Outsports. "I am more satisfied to see the excitement, joy and dignity of the LGBTI community members and athletes. The LGBTI athletes were performing their best and they surprised themselves more than any body else, first time in the open, at national stadium. It was remarkable experience for all of us.

"Before the games we were not sure, but during the event we all forgot what our gender identity and sexual orientation were and we forgot what others think about us. It was just being us and enjoying the moments."

Pant intends to host the event again next year, possibly taking it to other South Asian countries in the future.