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HBO's Real Sports asks why pro athletes aren't coming out. Tonight at 10pm!

Tonight HBO's Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel dives into the increasingly pertinent question: Why has a big-time pro team-sport athlete not come out in the United States? For the piece, Jon Frankel sat down with recently out boxer Orlando Cruz, Wade Davis, LZ Granderson and myself.

The 70-second preview, which focuses on Frankel's conversation with Cruz, is already getting a nasty slew of anonymous comments on YouTube:

  • boxing has a rule, rule 83 - ANTI-FAGGOTRY
  • Aint gonna get respect by being a gay boxer... Hope he gets his ass knocked out by donaire, gamboa, gesta, alvarez and all the other straight rising boxing prospects.
  • Jerry Sandusky Fan Boy (JSFB)
  • his not a Man his a Female
  • aint no one going to respect a Pussy who take cock up our ass
  • I don't care who or what people have sex with in their private life. However I do have a big problem with it getting thrown into everyone's face...... Straight people don't go around announcing to the world that they're heterosexual. For the simple reason, it's not news worthy and doesn't change anything

It's too bad a few cowards would try to diminish the courage Cruz showed in coming out.

The episode was produced by Tim Walker and Nick Dolan and airs tonight, Oct. 23, at 10pmET/PT.