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Gay Games celebrate 30 years of amazing events and outreach

The Federation of Gay Games celebrated the 30th anniversary of Gay Games I last weekend in Los Angeles. The weekend of events included several sports exhibitions, discussion panels and a lovely awards brunch at the House of Blues. It was great to meet many of the FGG officers who have put so much time and energy into making the Gay Games such a fantastic quadrennial event. Plus, many folks who'd attended every one of the Games was there (and there aren't many left).

Our dear friend Patricia Nell Warren, author of The Front Runner, received the organization's Medal of Honor. She told a great story about handing her Front Runner manuscript to a friend in 1973. She was introduced by Dave Kopay, who'd received the honor several years ago.

Gay Games impresario Sara Waddell Lewinstein, Tom Waddell's widow and mother of his daughter, handed a special award to The Trevor Project for all the work they do with youth. This award choice was particularly cool, given the Gay Games' increasing focus on reaching places like Eastern Europe and Africa, where their help is sorely needed. Like The Trevor Project, the FGG is focusing much of its energy and resources to those folks who need it.

Also in attendance were the organizers of Gay Games 9 in Cleveland and Akron. They've got a ton of energy and they feel like a great team. I'm already looking forward to attending, once I decide which sport I'll compete in. The event is Aug. 9-16, 2014. You gotta go.

A big hat tip to Shamey Cramer, who was the lead organizer of the weekend's events. And congratulations to the Gay Games on 30 amazing years. I look forward to celebrating 60 years with you!

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