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Are St. Louis Cardinals fans the most homophobic on Twitter?

Last week Jim wrote about what a cesspool so much of Twitter has become for gay people. It's entirely possible that none flush more crap into it than St. Louis Cardinals fans. They're so notorious that a Twitter account has popped up focused on retweeting "the fans of the senior circuit’s most decorated franchise and exposing them as witless dolts."

When their beloved team lost to the San Francisco Giants in collapsing fashion, they unleashed a tirade of homophobia. Heck, they did it before and during the NLCS as well. Here's a small sampling from one day:

Since Oct. 3, they've collectively used "fag" 100 times. That doesn't include throwing around "cocksucker" seven times, and "AIDS" five times.

Makes you hope the Cardinals blow 3-1 leads in every playoff series, doesn't it? Huh, I said "blow."

Hat tip to Sean Chapin.