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Pro soccer player Lance Parker gets naked, loves shoes and Dairy Queen

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We're big fans of pro soccer player Lance Parker, who plays for the North American Soccer League's FC Edmonton. For a couple reasons. First, he's incredibly gay-friendly. A supporter of same-sex marriage, he told Outsports earlier this year that he would have no problem with a gay teammate.

Second, he's smoking hot. He's also a professional model and has no problem being photographed in underwear, speedos, or, as in his latest photo shoot, naked (the full photo is below).

He also did a quick Q&A in conjunction with his latest photo spread, in which he talks about loving shoes, eating Dairy Queen blizzards, and what never fails to make him laugh:

Watching someone with absolutely no rhythm dancing like crazy in the middle of a dance floor and just owning it.

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Thanks to Scott Teitler for the photos.