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ESPN honored by Worklife Magazine for work in LGBT equality

We've chronicled here many times about the inclusive policies and actions of ESPN. Whether it's addressing the issue on-air, creating PSAs that highlight their LGBT employee group, or even sponsoring the Gay Games, the company has taken big strides since being acquired by Disney over 15 years ago. On Tuesday, Worklife Magazine honors ESPN and nine other companies (including NBCUniversal, which has a strong sports presence) for their work toward LGBT equality.

Lori Sokol, Ph.D, publisher of Work Life Matters magazine, told Outsports:

ESPN is being honored particularly for its 'Allies for ESPN Equal' Program, launched this year, which reflects the members of the LGBT community who have taught the entire ESPN team about the importance of acceptance and support for all.

Worklife Magazine, according to their press release, is a national business publication that provides news and analysis about the corporate, public and social issues inherent in the quest for achieving effective work life balance on behalf of our nation’s workforce. While I can't speak for working at ESPN, I can personally say The Walt Disney Company does a fantastic job of enabling their employees to balance work and life, so to see ESPN get this award I'm sure it's well-deserved.

The event is Tues., Dec. 4, at Club 101 in New York City.