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WWE rejects the anti-gay tweets of Scorpio Sky, aren't working with him again

Scorpio Sky, the low-level professional wrestler who tweeted a gay slur and attacked the people who didn't like it, might be learning a lesson about how to treat other people. Mr. Sky, whose real name is Schuyler Andrews, hasn't tweeted in almost a week since the incident, and at least two wrestling groups are distancing themselves from him.

Wrestling fan Micah R. contacted the WWE to ask them about Mr. Sky's language. WWE Fan Services responded:

WWE strongly believes that everyone should be treated with respect and this principle is the foundation of our anti-bullying initiative, “Be a STAR”. Mr. Andrews no longer works for WWE and we have no plans to work with him in the future.

A wrestling group Mr. Sky does work with, Lucha VaVOOM, also isn't happy with his anti-gay tweets:

Please rest assured that Lucha VaVOOM does not condone this language, and further, it's important to us specify that we do not employ the character "Scorpio Sky." The wrestler that plays "Scorpio Sky" appears sometimes, but not under that moniker, and he does not have access to speak for Lucha VaVOOM or any of his Lucha VaVOOM characters. However, we have emailed him our grievances and await his response.

No word on his response to them.