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Trans triathlete Chris Mosier wins USA Triathlon Spirit Award

Great news from Chris Mosier today. I wonder what it is about triathlons that make the sport so inclusive. Maybe it's the respect for any athlete who can put themselves through a grueling race combining three tough distance sports. Either way, this is really encouraging.

USA Triathlon awarded trans triathlete Chris Mosier an honorable mention for the USA Triathlon 2011 Spirit of Multisport Award, part of the annual Multisport Awards. Chris was one of five athletes named for the award, which recognizes individuals who illustrate the principles of the positive spirit of the sport as displayed through acts of sportsmanship and leadership in multisport. Chris was honored for his work in promoting trans visibility and LGBT inclusion in multisport and his commitment to advocating for all people to have the opportunity to feel safe, compete, and thrive in sports. USA Triathlon is the national governing body for the sport of triathlon and duathlon and has over 135,000 members.

The full list of award winners is here.

Chris has also been named 2012 ambassador for the Empire Triathlon Club in NYC and is currently working with LGBT sports leagues to improve transgender inclusion.