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Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump celebrate the killing of African animals

I understand the need of some people to hunt wild animals. While I don't buy into it, there are arguments that the population of some need to be controlled (though the same people making this argument are sometimes the same people with five kids). Others use venison or elk meat to live off of through the hard winter. I understand the need to hunt.

What I will never understand is the joy some take in hunting. Why on earth would you enjoy killing another animal? Why would you pose with its carcass, smiling as though you'd accomplished something? I don't understand it. So I was disgusted beyond words when I saw photographs of Donald Trump's sons, Don Jr. and Eric Trump, celebrating their killing of a beautiful leopard and a majestic kudu and an elephant and a water buffalo and on and on and on.

To me, it comes from the same place as bullying. These men feel the need to prove their masculinity by attacking creatures that are weaker than they are. At least in the case of bullied kids they can go to a teacher or parent and try to get help; hunted animals have no recourse. These Trumps are bullies of the most despicable kind: They kill creatures that have absolutely no defense against them. What's worse, they celebrate it and have, according to Eric, "no shame" about it. Typical of pampered rich trust-fund babies.

I have to assume these men want these animals extinct. Many of them, including the elephant, are in dire straights. David Mixner talks about that in his eloquent column. If they kill one, they have to assume it was a mother on the hunt trying to feed her cubs. I don't celebrate when anything or anyone dies. But when the planet is rid of these two men, I will certainly be relieved.

To his credit, Donal Trump Sr. said he does not like hunting and doesn't understand why his sons enjoy it.

I will never again watch The Apprentice or support anything having to do with these two pigs.

Hat tip to David Mixner.