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Friday media watch: Forbes, Bleacher Report, Comcast, Huffington Post, Sky Sports

With more and more mainstream publications writing about gay athletes and issues of LGBT sports, we'll bring you weekly links of some of the best.

  • Forbes' Bob Cook explores the question, If sports is getting gay-friendly, why aren't active pro athletes coming out?
    "However, I get the feeling that while there are already athletes who are out to at least a few of their teammates, they might be reluctant to come out publicly because they don’t want to be the subject of major media attention and scrutiny as The First Gay, thus putting pressure not only on themselves, but also their teammates."
  • Bleacher Report's Ty Schalter explains why the NFL should get over it's fear of homosexuality and embrace a gay player.
    "But just as it took football too long to reflect the broad social acceptance of civil rights for all people regardless of race, it's taken football too long to accept that sexuality has nothing to do with mental toughness or on-field performance."
  • Comcast SportsNet's John Boruk thinks the NHL could be the first league to embrace a gay player.
    "The NHL appears to be ready to take a huge leap into that uncharted arena of equality and human rights. It’s a degree of tolerance and acceptance that we haven’t seen in the NFL, NBA or even Major League Baseball."
  • BJ Epstein writes on the Huffington Post about LGBT sports figures in literature.
    "The fact that there are so few LGBTQ athletes in literature and that those who do exist face homophobic bullying and discrimination reflects the greater society. As already mentioned, some people are working hard to change this situation or at least to draw attention to it. Whether through documentaries, newspaper articles, or simply by being proudly out, these people are to be respected and thanked for their efforts."
  • SkySports produced this video segment about homophobic slurs from fans at soccer games: