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Alicia proposes to Christina at an Ottawa Senators game

I'm not a big fan of public marriage proposals; For me it's a private decision that when made public puts undo pressure on someone to say "yes." But I sure did get teary-eyed watching a video this morning of an Ottawa Senators fan proposing to a Toronto Maple Leafs fan on the ice in front of all the fans at the Senators' home arena, Scotiabank Place. The kicker: Is was Alicia proposing to Christina.

The coolest part was the reaction of the fans. When they realized it was a marriage proposal, they cheered wildly. It didn't matter that it was two women getting engaged. While we've been saying that sports aren't at the core a homophobic institution anymore, it is still moving to see proof of it. So great that the Senators made it happen, even posting the video (below) of the proposal on their Web site.

And some places won't show gay couples on a Kiss Cam. Pfffff.

Hat tip to Puck Daddy and Towleroad.