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In new film "Goon," hockey player gets beaten up after using gay slur

"Goon" is a new movie about a hockey brawler, played by Seann William Scott. There is a decided gay angle, with Scott having a younger brother who is gay. Scott evens gets goaded by his friend into wearing 69 as his uniform number because "it's hilarious." Then there's the angle that starts the plot:

"Goon" is about Doug, a nice but not overly intelligent man, is working as a bouncer in a bar. One night he and his friend, Ryan, go to a hockey game where one of the hockey players, who ends up in the penalty box, gets irritated calling Ryan a fag. Doug does not like this because his brother is gay and when the hockey player attacks Ryan, Doug steps in and beats the hockey player.

That's not the only gay angle in the film. "No glory holes tonight!" one player yells in a scene from the trailer. Another review notes:

Nor is the film shy about locker-room dialogue, as when one of Doug’s teammates declares: "We’ve got to be gay-porn hard out there."

"GAY PORN HARD!" bellows our hero, suitably inspired.

"Goon" opened last week as the No. 1 film in Canada and is available on demand in the U.S., with a theatrical release set for March 30. If anyone has seen this, please let us know if it's worth the time.

Hat tip to Jeff Dudevoire for alerting us to this on Twitter