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Sharks' Tommy Wingels, Canucks' Henrik Sedin and Ryan Kesler welcome gay teammates

The latest impact of the You Can Play project is being felt by the San Jose Sharks and the Vancouver Canucks. The Sharks' very own Tommy Wingels was featured in the pro-gay PSA during a home game late last week in which he said, "It's time to end homophobic bullying in our locker room." Of course, that implies that homophobic bullying is taking place in his locker room, which is equally interesting. "I am proud to support LGBT athletes everywhere," he said.

Two Vancouver Canucks, Henrik Sedin and Ryan Kesler, gave extended comments about gays in hockey, something that has been rare so far with the campaign. Xtra! asked Sedin how an openly gay Canuck would be received in the locker room:

I can't talk for all of us, but as for the guys I've talked to and myself and my brother, it would be no problem at all. It's not going to change the way we see them or the way we treat them. They're one of us and they're part of the team.

And the little nugget there is that he's actually been talking to his teammates about it, which is a huge step given how many pro athletes have told us in the past that it's a non-topic in locker rooms.