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Lord of the rings -- Danell Leyva wins American Cup gymnastics

Danell Levya

The Olympics are less than five months away and it's time to focus on sports that seem to only get attention every four years. One is gymnastics and the big event this past weekend was the American Cup in New York. The men's event was won by Danell Leyva (photos below) and the women's by Jordyn Wieber.

I definitely needed this today," Leyva said. "Vegas was my first bigger all-around meet (this year). I didn't do nearly as good as I wanted to. To be able to come here and do what I said I was expecting out of myself is great. It gave me more confidence."

Here are some photos from the men's event. Click on an image for a larger view and on that image for a full-sized view. Photos by Debby Wong US PRESSWIRE:

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