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University of Nebraska distances itself from coach Ron Brown's anti-gay comments

Earlier this week, Nebraska running backs coach Ron Brown testified before the Omaha City Council that the Bible should be law. The testimony was in regards to the City Council's consideration of a bill that would outlaw discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender people. has gotten hold of a letter from Nebraska athletic director Tom Osbourne in response to a gay season ticket holder:

I can assure you that Ron's comments are reflective of his own views and do not represent those of the Athletic Department or the university.

University of Nebraska Chancellor Harvey Perlman wrote a letter to several local newspapers, which said:

Several people have written me asking if his remarks represent the position of the university. I want to be clear that they do not. The university defends the right of its faculty and students to participate in public dialogue and to express their personal views. I understand that there were also faculty and students from the university who testified in favor of the ordinance.

Brown has also played the victim since his testimony. Read more about this issue at

Hat tip to Enzo C.