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Gareth Thomas coming out story inspires artist to start fan site

Mike Langley is an artist who lives near Baltimore and was so inspired by rugby player Gareth "Alfie" Thomas' coming out story that he has started a blog dedicated to him. Fans of Gareth Thomas went live in February and is filled with articles, photos and Langley's art work of Thomas. Langley recalls reading the Sports Illustrated profile of Thomas:

I was overcome with emotion as my eyes watered up. I related so well to the words that were written about him. The years of INNER TURMOIL, the STRUGGLE to be who you are, and the final FREEDOM. "The truth has set me free". I have heard Gareth say that and read those words in articles and videos that I have watched about him.

As a artist I tend to paint and draw people and places that inspire me. I am truly inspired by Alfie! My goal one day is just to meet him (It's on my bucket list) to shake his hand and say "THANKS" You have no idea how you have helped me to be myself.

This blog shows the power one person's coming out can have on another. I hope Langley gets a chance to meet Thomas one day and tell him in person.

Some of Langley's Alfie-inspired artwork: