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MSNBC news host Thomas Roberts: NASCAR racers go 500 mph

In the latest chapter of the gays-don't-know-sports stereotype, openly gay MSNBC host Thomas Roberts invited NASCAR Chairman and CEO Brian France onto his show on Thursday to talk about how much fuel NASCAR burns, vis–à–vis Earth Day. Roberts dropped this bomb on France:

The obvious draw for NASCAR is the speed, cars going up to about 500 miles per hour, right? And so that's going to burn a lot of fuel.


He obviously doesn't know what the Indy 500 is, thinking it's cars going 500 mph and not a 500-mile race. Plus, the Indy 500 isn't even a NASCAR race. L. O. L!

For the record, a jet flying from New York to Los Angeles goes about 500 miles per hour. That's really, really fast. Very few land vehicles have ever achieved that speed going straight forward (see: Nevada desert), let alone a few dozen of them racing against one another around a circular track. Completing the race in about three hours, Indy 500 drivers average around 170 miles per hour. NASCAR racers can peak around the 200 mph range.