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Rugger Sacha Harding on the cover of HIVPlus magazine

Bedford Blues rugger Sacha Harding has gotten lots of attention recently for some revealing photos of himself posing for the cover of Britain’s Gay Times magazine and the Elton John AIDS Foundation. This month, Harding is the cover story for HIVPlus magazine. Harding told the mag that he's a part of various health campaigns, including the fight against cancer.

That’s because HIV and AIDS aren’t gay issues, he adds, but a global crisis that belongs to all of us. “AIDS is a huge issue and one that can’t be ignored,” he says. “I was asked to help and I couldn’t say no.” And while he took some ribbing from his fellow teammates for dropping trou, he says, “Of course there was a bit of banter. On the whole, the team and friends were all very supportive.”

In fact, his teammates have been supportive all year as Harding’s profile in Europe and the U.S. has risen. Last year the men’s grooming-products firm Bluebeards Revenge did a search for the world’s manliest man. It was done after a composite of the ideal masculine man was created, which combined George Clooney’s hair, Gerard Butler’s eyes, Brad Pitt’s nose, Jason Statham’s mouth, and Daniel Craig’s body. Harding, who received 160,000 votes, was the hands-down winner.