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Cesare Prandelli, manager of Italian national soccer team, wants gays to come out

Cesare Claudio Prandelli, manager of Italy's national soccer team, has written the foreword to a book on homosexuality and sport. Prandelli has been a fixture in the Italian soccer world since the 1970s. In his foreword he talks about the importance of ending homophobia in sports and advocates for athletes to come out:

Homophobia is racism and it is indispensable that we make further steps to look after all aspects of individuals living their own lives, including sporting figures. ...

We must all work for a sporting culture that respects the individual in every manifestation of his truth and freedom. Hopefully soon some players will come out.

It's rare to find someone in European pro soccer who vocally supports equality for gay athletes, so we applaud Prandelli for his strong position!