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The Dinah attracts lesbians from around the world. Oh yeah, there was golf too.

It may now be called the Kraft Nabisco Championship, but to the thousands of women who flocked to Palm Springs last weekend, it's still "The Dinah." The annual pro golf tournament dropped "Dinah" from its name in 1999, even as it was becoming of the largest (some claim the largest) annual lesbian party in the world. The "lesbian circuit party" is hosted by Club Skirts and attracts women from around the world who want to watch pro golf dance around the pool and soak in the sun. If only there was a gay-men's version of this in Augusta at The Masters. You can find coverage, photos and videos from the event at SheWired, Huffington Post, Village Voice, and CherryGrrl.

By the way, the tournament was won in a playoff by Sun Young Yoo.