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Kris Humphries in revealing Christopher Logan photo shoot for WestEast magazine

While this may look like just another hot beefcake photo, there's quite a bit of significance to it for me. It's a beautiful shot by New York photographer Christopher Logan of NBA player Kris Humphries (for WestEast magazine, via, which has more photos). Sure, Humphries has gotten a certain reputation, but he's still a stud NBA player. It was once nearly impossible for someone of that description to appear in a photo like this where his teammates would razz him for a "TMI" photo. Previously we've seen only a couple pro athletes -- Jason Sehorn and Gabe Kapler come to mind -- in a shot like this.

I have the feeling that pro-athlete photos like Humphries' will become increasingly common. Pro soccer player Lance Parker hasn't been afraid to show off his body. And there's more and more money for men with lean bodies to take off their clothes in front of a camera.

A little insight into the photo shoot, from

Kris, 27, was apparently interested in doing the shoot because of the James Bond action hero theme and “he thought it would be a fun thing to do. He’s a guy, so the action figure theme was appealing. Plus, he wanted to help out his friend, stylist Derek Warburton, who is WestEast‘s fahion director,” an insider told

While European athletes have been naked in videos, photos and ad campaigns for a decade, American pro athletes are starting to break into this more and more. We're not complaining!

By the way, did you notice the automatic weapon in the background of the photo? What were you looking at?

You can see more of Chris Logan's work on his Web site.

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