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Jonathan Vilma, Scott Fujita both suspended for NFL bounty scandal

New Orleans Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma has been suspended for the entire 2012 NFL season for setting bounties on opposing players. Vilma allegedly put $10,000 cash on a table and offered it to whoever knocked Brett Favre out of the 20o9 NFC Championship game. Vilma is no stranger to Outsports readers, as he shown his mean-spiritied tendencies with homophobic posts on Twitter. There isn't a guy in the NFL more deserving of a full-season suspension; I hope the NFL sticks to its decision.

Cleveland Browns linebacker Scott Fujita received a three-game suspension for his role in the bounty program. What's most troubling about Fujita's role is his position on the executive committee of the NFL Players Association. Here's a guy who is repping the players union...and he was involved in this scandal? That's a big black eye for Fujita and the NFLPA. Fujita has previously voiced his support for gay equality.

Green Bay's Anthony Hargrove (eight games) and New Orleans' Will Smith (four games) have also been suspended.