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MMA fighter Jessica Aguilar comes out as bisexual

Jessica Aguilar made her professional MMA debut in 2006, but it's just now that she's talking about her sexual orientation publicly. The fighter told Sports Illustrated's Loretta Hunt that she is bisexual and lives with her girlfriend. Unfortunately, she faces less-than-perfect acceptance from her mother.

She's also reached some comfort in sharing her bisexual orientation, which she kept hidden in high school to avoid being singled out. Jessica came out to her ATT teammates with little fanfare ("When they found out, they treated me just the same," she said) and for the last year, has lived with her girlfriend, who wholeheartedly supports her fight career.

"I don't put it in any titles," said Aguilar, "but I'd say when I've found the right person -- whether it's a man or a woman -- I'd be happy."

Like fighting, Jessica's bisexuality is something her mother doesn't quite grasp. Mother and daughter haven't talked about it since Jessica first told her a few years ago."

She asked me where I learned it or saw it," Jessica said. "I told her you didn't see or learn it; you felt it. She told me it would pass."

Aguilar is 14-4 and hasn't lost in over 18 months. With her win last weekend, she became the Bellator Fighter No. 1 Strawweight in the world. Congratulations to her all the way around!