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Drink & Drag, the first drag queen bowling alley, opens in Las Vegas

This is a fun concept. Las Vegas will soon have (what is sure to be) the world's first drag-queen bowling alley, Drink & Drag, near the old Strip. What makes it a drag queen bowling alley? The staff, the hairspray and the attitude, dear. From the press release:

Drink & Drag is expected to become a major draw for Downtown Las Vegas and will be opening on the second level of the Neonopolis (450 Fremont St., Ste 250), a 250000-square-foot entertainment complex and shopping center. Located in the former Jillian's space, Drink & Drag is neighbored by the much buzzed Heart Attack Grill and overlooks the neon courtyard. With over 24 full-time drag queens, Drink & Drag may very well be the largest employer of drag queens in the United States.

The drag queen unemployment rate in the country just went from 92% to 87%.

The owner of Krave, the gay bar on the Strip, is opening the bowling alley. Krave's a lot of fun, been there a couple times...and once won a stripping contest there. be 35 again.