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Friday media watch: Ron Brown gears up for anti-gay preaching in Lincoln on Monday?

On Monday, May 7, the Lincoln City Council will hold a hearing on an ordinance that would make it illegal to fire someone because they are L, G, B or T. At the center of the battle over the law will be Nebraska running backs coach Ron Brown, who in March drove to Omaha to advocate publicly against their non-discrimination law (which was passed). The media is already focusing its attention on Brown and his impending testimony.

The Baptist Press reminds its readers that gay people suffer from an unhealthy "psychiatric disease" and "experience greater levels of addiction, depression and diseases":

Brown is more concerned with faithfulness to Scripture than cultural trends. The Scriptures are clear that homosexual behavior is sinful (1 Corinthians 6:9-10; Romans 1:26-27). "The same thing that was a sin 2,000 years ago is a sin today," Brown has said. "The thing that was right 2,000 years ago is right today."

Blair Kerkhoff of the Kansas City Star talks about Brown's hateful diatribes about gay people, along with his more positive messages, and concluded:

What Brown said to the Omaha council — and may say Monday when the Lincoln City Council holds a public hearing on a similar anti-discrimination policy — is different speech, and the bottom line for me is in that difference. One lifts spirits, the other hurts and shouldn't be tolerated a public university.

Omaha World-Herald columnist Tom Shatel echoed what I said weeks ago: The University of Nebraska is giving Brown the license to attack LGBT athletes.

Nebraska has taken him, except when Steve Pederson/Bill Callahan cut him loose. Brown was hired back by Bo Pelini in 2008 and everyone at NU knew the package that came with Brown. And that’s the important thing to know here: whatever you think Brown is today, Nebraska helped create that over the years. By standing by him. By tolerating his opinions. By granting him the freedom to be Ron Brown, citizen.

Gene Wojciechowski of broke it down beautifully:

Whether he realizes it or not, Brown's supposed private stance has public -- and Nebraska football -- implications. His beliefs find their way back to his players and the message is this: I've got your back -- as long as you're not gay.

We'll see what happens Monday...

You can sign Athlete Ally's petition asking for the removal of Brown as football coach.