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French Olympic swimmers model for HOM underwear - photos and video

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Thanks to the folks at HOM for bringing us the French Olympic swim team just as we like them. What I love most about the video and photo shoot HOM put together is how much fun these guys are having in front of the camera. There's no worry about not getting too close to their teammates, no fear of the bulge. Quick, somebody get 2(x)ist to contact the U.S. swim team...not a chance.

There are lots of photos and videos of these eight hot men after the jump. The swimmers in the video are: Frederick Bousquet, Romain Magula, Grégory Mallet, Maxime Bussière, Florent Manaudou, Camille Lacourt, Dorian Gandin, and Fabien Gilot.

Hat tip to OhLaLaMag and Queerty.

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