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Matt Cain, Mat Latos, Yovani Gallardo appear in NOH8 campaign with their wives

Mat Latos and his wife, Dallas

Three big-time Major League Baseball players have joined the 25,000 people in the NOH8 campaign. San Francisco Giant and All-Star pitcher Matt Cain is photographed for the campaign with his wife, Chelsea. Cincinnati Reds pitcher Mat Latos, currently 4-2 on the season, appears with his wife, Dallas. And Milwaukee Brewers pitcher Yovani Gallardo poses with his wife and son.

Pretty cool that these three pitchers decided to be part of the NOH8 campaign together, and along with their wives. It speaks so well of the impact of the NOH8 campaign and the reach they have. Plus, Cain threw a perfect game last week, so it's good luck as well! Thanks to Adam Bouska, Jeff Parshley, Christopher Hayden and Bryce Ferguson for all the work they do with the campaign! More photos after the jump.

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