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Nike unveils special Pride sneakers

Nike unveiled three special-edition Pride shoes this weekend at Portland Pride as part of their Be True campaign. Each of the three shoes represents a different city. The Lunar Flow Portland Pride shoe (right) is colorful with a grey haze creeping into the rainbow (and apparently, the weather in Portland can be rather grey). The black Flytop San Francisco Pride shoe represents the leather community. And the brown of Stonewall dominates the Air Royal in New York City. Here's the catch: You have to go to the Nike store in those cities to get the shoes, and only the shoe representing the city is available (though I believe all three are in the Portland store - but don't quote me!). The shoes were designed by Shawn Ormsby

Photos of the shoes, along with a video from the premiere party hosted by Nike and Robert Goman, are after the jump.

Video produced by SB Nation with Amy K. Nelson.

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