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Ben Cohen visits with Atlanta Braves including Chipper Jones

Wednesday night's Atlanta Braves game against the Arizona Diamondbacks saw more gay folks in the stands than usual. The team hosted its official Night Out in the Stands for the second straight year. Proceeds benefited the StandUp Foundation, and the group's founder and chairman, Ben Cohen, was in attendance. He spoke to fans before the game and even visited with some of the Braves, posing for this photo with Chipper Jones. I joked that the shirt should have been a Medium, not an XL. But that's the difference between a gay guy and a straight guy, I guess.

Cohen's been busy lately in the United States, appearing in a fashion show, celebrating Pride in cities across the country, and launching a new underwear line. I was impressed with him at the Nike LGBT Sports Summit; He's a deeply passionate guy who has set his sites on bullying, homophobia and transphobia in sports. We'll be watching him closely in the next few months.