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Josh Dixon selected to National Team, will compete at U.S. Gymnastics Olympic Trials

Out gymnast Josh Dixon will return to his hometown of San Jose, Calif., to compete in the U.S. Gymnastics Olympic Trials. Dixon finished 13th overall at the Visa Championships this weekend. Dixon was one of fifteen men named to the U.S. Senior Men's National Team; They will compete for one of six spots on Team USA at the Trials, June 28-July 1. Dixon told Outsports:

I'm excited, but more humbled and honored that the selection committee deemed me in the elite group of 15 guys who even get the opportunity to compete at our Olympic Trials. I've always dreamed of being one of the top gymnasts in the country. Now that I'm in that group, it's a tremendous honor. However, there's still a lot of work to be done and improvements to be made.

Dixon had been ninth overall after the first day of competition at the Visa Championships, but he fell back to 13th after some disappointing moments on Saturday. As of now, he will be the only publicly out male athlete at the Olympic Trials.

The entire Men's National Team includes:

  • Chris Brooks of Houston/Team Hilton HHonors (Cypress Gymnastics)
  • Alex Buscaglia of Cary, Ill./Team Hilton HHonors (Stanford University)
  • Jake Dalton of Reno, N.V./University of Oklahoma
  • Josh Dixon of San Jose, Calif./U.S. Olympic Training Center
  • Jonathan Horton of Houston/Team Hilton HHonors (Cypress Gymnastics)
  • Glen Ishino of Santa Ana, Calif./University of California – Berkeley
  • Steven Legendre of Port Jefferson, N.Y./Team Hilton HHonors (University of Oklahoma)
  • Danell Leyva of Miami/Team Hilton HHonors (Universal Gymnastics)
  • CJ Maestas of Corrales, N.M./University of Illinois
  • Sam Mikulak of Ann Arbor, Mich./University of Michigan
  • Alex Naddour of Gilbert, Ariz./Team Hilton HHonors (USA Youth Fitness)
  • John Orozco of the Bronx, N.Y./Team Hilton HHonors (U.S. Olympic Training Center)
  • Paul Ruggeri of Manlius, N.Y./University of Illinois
  • David Sender of Arlington Heights, Ill./Team Hilton HHonors (University of Illinois)
  • Brandon Wynn of Voorhees, N.J./Team Hilton HHonors (Ohio State University)