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London 2012 photos: Hits and misses of the Olympic parade of nations uniforms

Mexico (hit): Awesome riot of color

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My fashion sense pretty much runs to jeans with a T-shirt or tank top and sandals. I haven't had to wear a tie since May and own one suit.

But I know what I like and what I don't, so watching the parade of nations at the Olympics Opening Ceremony is always a treat. Some pull it off and some don't.

What follows is one man's opinion of the various team uniforms.

I favor those that play to their country's image, which is why I am not liking the U.S. Nobody in the U.S. wears a beret; a backward baseball cap would have been more fitting.

I must be in a good mood, since I saw more hits than misses and most were neutral. Feel free to weigh in.

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*Vanessa was among a few readers who corrected me when I called what the American Samoa athletes were wearing as a "skirt.":

Just as you would not call a Kilt a skirt. It is a traditional Samoan men's Ie faitaga (ee-aaay figh tah nga). Traditionally made of Tapa, plant fibers pounded into a pliable material and dyed with plant tint, this is the the traditional wear of Samoan chiefs.

It might work for you but it's worked for us centuries before the westerners ever "discovered" our islands.

Some respect should be shown because if you have ever heard or seen our Samoan traditions and cultures, we are very tolerant and even believe the fa'afafine to be integral to our culture. It is in that same respect you should remember to keep an open mind and try to understand before making blanket judgements. Your comment seemed very confining. Please remember your community in which you relay your information should be well educated and not left with cute remarks and no further information.

Photo credits:
USA (Mark J. Rebilas-USA Today Sports)
Germany, France, Iceland, Hong Kong, Brazil, American Samoa (Robert Deutsch-USA Today Sports)
Netherlands, Kazakhstan, Estonia, Canada, Nigeria, Mexico, Czech Republic, Belgium, Cameroon, Sweden, Britain
(Richard Mackson-USA Today Sports)