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Olympics Photos: On July 4, U.S. Olympic hopefuls show the red, white and blue

David Boudia, diving

With the Fourth of July here and the Olympics less than a month away, it's time to feel patriotic if you're an American. In that spirit, US PRESSWIRE took some awesome photos of Olympic hopefuls showing their colors.

These photos were shot in May, so not everyone below qualified for the team. But no matter -- whether in front of a flag or wearing a red, white and blue swimsuit, we salute them.

Click on image for larger view:


Kevin Jairaj photos of Maya Moore; Logan Tom and Lindsey Berg; Hunter Kemper; Joshua Richmond; Jonathan Horton; Howard Bach and Tony Gunawan; Steffen Peters; Nathan Adrian; Lashawn Merritt; Thomas Finchum; Tony Azevedo; Jake Herbert; Troy Dumais; Diana and Steven Lopez.

Jim Cowsert photos of Wallace Spearmon; Gwen Jorgensen; David Boudia; John Orozco; Kristian Ipsen and Nick McCrory.