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REI, camping and outdoor equipment giant, pledges support for same-sex marriage

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Outdoor retailing giant REI has pledged its support for same-sex marriage. The Washington State-based company joins the chorus of people pushing for same-sex marriage rights in their state, where the issue will be voted on this November. Ski Bums wrote in an email to its members:

In Washington state, voters who approve Referendum 74 this November can grant same-sex couples the right to marry. REI, the largest skiing & snowboarding retailer in the USA, is headquartered in Washington. A few days ago, CEO Sally Jewell published a note to REI's 11,000 employees pledging the company's full-hearted support of same-sex marriage.

I know where I'll be buying my equipment next time we head up to Sequoia or out to Joshua Tree for a camping trip. I imagine HomoClimbtastic will follow suit.