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Atlanta Sluggers win Gay World Series A Division. Long Beach, Tampa, Seattle also win.

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Gay World Series updates are brought to you by Roman Jimenez from San Diego and Sam Lehman from Southern New England.

So much for prognosticating! The Tampa Venom wrapped up the C Division title Saturday at the Gay Softball World Series in Minneapolis, beating Orlando Royalty twice in back-to-back games, first to take it to the “if” game and 2nd to win it all.

Teams we had earlier identified as “teams to watch” certainly made it interesting, though.

DC’s Capitol Punishment had earlier in the week been sent to the loser’s bracket by hitting machine Philadelphia Triple Play and then eventually sent home by the Chicago Reapers in their first game on Friday. More on this later.

Las Vegas Big Slick, the little brother of last year’s C Division Winner, L.V.’s Rat Pack, went on a run Friday only to be eliminated by the San Diego Outlaws, who had been hitting machines most of the week. The Outlaws had already won 2 large tournaments earlier in the year and took 2nd in another, so many were predicting another top 10 (or better) finish for the team from San Diego. The Outlaws obliged, tying for 7th place this year after falling to the Atlanta Menace early Saturday morning, despite a grand slam by diminutive 2nd baseman Sergio Haro.

Orlando Royalty, who had been a relatively unknown team until now, had managed to stymie hitters all week with impressive defense and a knuckleballer toeing the rubber that nobody seemed to be able to hit, including the eventual champions from Tampa, who faced their fellow Floridians earlier on Saturday only to drop the game 9-2.

However, two games later, Tampa was back and was ready to hit. But by virtue of the earlier loss, had to beat the Royalty twice, which they did, first 15-12 and 13-9.

While Tampa heads back home to Florida as champions, further up the coast, things aren’t so sunny in Philadelphia.

The Triple Play, who last year took essentially the same team and finished 3rd, was hoping to make it once again to the trophy round and looked like the team to beat. However, in a move that confused some, after DC’s Capitol Punishment had been eliminated, officials from D.C. moved forward with a protest against the Triple Play shortstop during the team’s game against the Atlanta Menace. The game was paused long enough for the protest to be lodged, and then continued, with Triple Play winning the game. The protest then had to be heard and if upheld, the results would be vacated, Triple Play would be eliminated and it would be Atlanta who moved forward, despite the loss.

After roughly 30 minutes, the late-responding D.C. contingent ultimately prevailed and last year’s C Division 3rd place finishers were sent home early, with some tough questions to answer in the City of Brotherly Love.

But that’s for another year. For now, the week belongs to Atlanta, Long Beach, Tampa and Seattle who can now claim the title of Gay Softball World Series Champion, which they can never take away!

Congratulations to The 2012 Champions!

A Division
1st: Atlanta Sluggers
2nd: Phoenix Roscoes Coors Light HP2 Toros
3rd: Chicago Menace
4th: Fort Lauderdale Noize

B Division
1st: Long Beach Rounders 2.0
2nd: San Diego Spikes
3rd: Boston Cafe Club Angels

C Division
1st: Tampa Venom
2nd: Orlando Royalty
3rd: Atlanta Menace

D Division
1st: Seattle Inferno
2nd: Tulsa Razors
3rd: Philadelphia Honey Badgers

Masters Division
1st: Seattle Strokes
2nd: LA Gang Grey
3rd: Chicago Sidetrack