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One week left for Jeff Sheng's 'Fearless' fundraiser

Xander, Brown University water polo

Jeff Sheng has a week left of fundraising for his 'Fearless' book, and he still has to raise another $5,000. The photo book will include all of the athletes he's photographed over the last 10 years, including athletes familiar to Outsports, like Ryan Quinn and Kye Allums. There are also lots of athletes we've never written about, and they span all sports, including Dominique Kone, a sprinter at Colby College in Maine (check out a video of him below).

Sheng's work with the Fearless project have been featured on TV and in colleges and corporations across the country. His work is an important part of improving the sports atmosphere for gay athletes.

Sheng recently wrote a column for the Huffington Post about giving LGBT student athletes a voice.