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Yunel Escobar of Toronto Blue Jays uses gay slur 'maricon' in eye black

Toronto Blue Jay Yunel Escobar painted "You are a faggot" in Spanish on his eye black against the Boston Red Sox. The Spanish written on his eye black was "Tu ere maricon."

Think about it. This professional baseball player, with all the talk in the last year about gay rights and homophobia in sports, decided to take the time to write "faggot" on his eye black. He then decided to put it on and wear it during a game. Deeply disappointing, and I'm sure he'll pay for it in some way.

Yunel and the Blue Jays lost to the Red Sox, 3-2.

By the way, isn't what he wrote actually grammatically incorrect? Or was Ms. Jones, my Spanish teacher in high school, wrong?

Photo by James_in_to via flickr. Hat tip Yahoo! Sports.