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Aussie Rules Football ads anti-homophobia ads at matches

Ads against homophobia will be broadcast at the two semifinal matches for Aussie Rules Football's Grand Final. They come on the heels of a minor league Aussie Rules player, Jason Ball, who came out as gay this month and urged such ads to be run.

The ads will be shown on the big screen for the games between Sydney and Collingwood and Hawthorn and Adelaide will also see the clips. According to the Age:

Announcers at the grounds will introduce the ads by reminding fans that, ''discrimination in any form is never acceptable - whether it's on the footy field or in everyday life."

Ball had started a petition to get the ads to run and got 26,000 signatures. This caught the eye of the AFL, whose president called Ball and thanked him for making a stand. Ball said he was encouraged by the response:

"We need a more long-term commitment from the AFL to make a more safe and welcoming environment for gay footy fans and players, but I think they're genuine in their commitment to act on this at all levels of the game."

Here is a video that shows some of ad and features Ball talking: