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Trans high schooler Seth Knop joins Michigan football team

Grosse Pointe, Mich., high school student Seth Knop has joined his school's football this season, becoming the first transgender athlete to do so at the school. School newspaper The Tower Pulse has the full report (via The Advocate). One of the coolest parts is the acceptance he's found in the community and on the team.

“The kids in my grade respect me a lot for it, and they treat me just like everybody else, which is what I wanted,” said Knop. “Liam (McIlroy ’13) and Brandon Cooper (’13) respect me a lot for it. Liam came up to me the other day and told me he had a lot of respect for what I did. I just told him I was doing what I love.”

McIlroy said he considers Knop a role model for “going against social norms” to doing something he loves.

“Seth’s actions joining the football team dem­onstrate someone willing to pursue a dream,” said McIlroy. “Learning the schemes of an offense and discovering his inner football player will take time. I commended his boldness early on in preseason.”

Grosse Point senior Liam McIlroy is a defensive back and running back on the team.

From an historical perspective, we don't know of another publicly transgender high school football player. While one may be out there, or may have been on a roster previously, we have not heard of one until Knop. Good luck to the Grosse Pointe team this season!

Photo via Knop's Facebook page.